Why Alaska?


Alaska is a place where wild and untouchedbeauty permeates your soul, a place filled with a profound and beautiful stillness that brings respite from the outside world, yet is a place that offers no promises and becomes what you make of it. It is here that I have truly felt the most alive, & no matter where on earth I live it will always hold a piece of me. Alaska is a place you can come, drink in unbridled inspiration and listen to the quiet to remember who you are at your core & what it is that truly ignites your soul, what it is that causes you to create the images you do.

We wanted to create a workshop that was more than a workshop, but also a retreat to bring opportunity for reflection and the distilling of your artistic ideas, and Alaska offered the perfect setting with it's awe-inspiring landscapes and remote wilderness.



We want this to be practical and filled with business information, but more than anything we believe there is so much more waiting for you on the other side of all that you think you should be or do in the wedding industry. We believe that quieting the noise and learning to see things in your own way again is integral to your business. The first part of the workshop we will be working through some exercises to dig into the core of who you are, and how it influences the rest of your business. We'll have some "formal" learning time, but we are not going to be skimming the surface before moving on the next topic by any means. In addition, we believe that there should be no limits as to what is covered and we will be open books and offer all that we know. What works, what doesn't, our own struggles and how we work to overcome them. We believe that improvement is a culmination of all these things, along with getting to the heart of your business and determining what can be changed.

There will be opportunity for open discussion, by the fires at night, on adventures through the wilderness in between classes, and in passing as well share and connect outside of the formal learning times. We want to be all in for you.




02. Learning to see moments in a new way and layering sceneS

03. Seeing and using light

04. Editing + consistency

05. Social media + curation

06. Creating a compelling brand (hint, has almost nothing to do with your logo)

07. Ignoring the noise and creating work that makes your soul happy

08. Finding clients who value you and your vision

09.Valuing and caring for your clients vision's, too

10. Pricing + strategies

11. Non-typical marketing strategies

12. Building a sustainable and profitable business

13. Client interaction + process from inquiry to final delivery

14. Utilizing albums for profit

15. Slowing down + being intentional on the wedding day

16. Portfolio + website reviews

17. Post workshop follow up

18. Access to our Facebook group

19. SEO

20. Open Q&A

21. Live Shoots

we will also be covering the following software: vsco film, photo mechanic, lightroom, dropbox + smart previews, smart albums, smart slides, 17 hats and more.



Guest Contributor

Kadie Smith of Drop Cap Design is a brand designer based out of Dallas, TX. She has a beautifully minimal yet intentional style and is the brain behind both Jess Hunter and Find Your North's brand. Although she won't be joining us in person, she will be sharing her knowledge on branding and web presence through some exercises during the workshop and we are excited to have her insight.



August 14-17, 2017 near Anchorage, AK


Again, this workshop was designed with growth in mind and we believe that pushing pause and introspection are keys to doing so, therefore the places we've found allow for removing as many outside distractions as possible.

Pricing includes lodging for 4 days and 3 nights as well as all food.

All transportation is the responsibility of the attendees, yet we will have a Facebook group that will allow for attendees to coordinate carpooling to and from Anchorage.

Tickets are non-refundable but are trasnferrable within 30 days of the workshop.